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One Step Closer digital

One Step Closer digital

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One Step Closer" is Ingvay's debut album from the year 2016. Like all debut works, this album is something truly special. It showcases the full spectrum of his songwriting skills, ranging from funky blues to punchy groove-rock numbers and gentle ballads.

After numerous productions and his extensive work as an engineer for many renowned colleagues, this album marked Ingvay's "coming out" as an independent artist.

This album lays the foundation for everything that followed and already highlights Ingvay's exceptional songwriting abilities, combined with a keen sense of arrangement and production, alongside the top-notch band performance.

The CD is currently out of stock, but the digital version of this exceptional album comes complete with the original artwork.


  1. Have You Ever
  2. One Step Closer
  3. Do It In Your Daytime
  4. Wakin' Up This Time
  5. Hello My Friend
  6. Northern Winds
  7. Crossroads
  8. Meeting My Teacher
  9. For Another Year
  10. What Brings You Up
  11. Up To You
  12. Time When We Fly
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